You are the fountain of love!

You are the fountain of love!

Energy fluctuates, but don’t be concerned about it too much. You seem to have too much free time, looking at your own energy, whether it is going up or down. Keep yourself busy. When you are busy, everything falls in place.

Where is the time to be unhappy when you are so busy? When you wake up, you have something to do. When you come back, you are so tired, you fall back to sleep. If you keep yourself busy, you have no time to complain, no time to be unhappy.

*People who are active don’t have time to be depressed. It is only people who are free that feel depressed. Sit and spend time on some wisdom. *

Read Yoga Vasishta, it is such great knowledge. Listen to the Narada Bhakti Sutra tapes, or Ashtavakra Gita. All this knowledge will keep your energy high all the time, and sing!

You can sing alone, or take five minutes longer in the shower and sing. Nobody can prevent you from singing when you are taking a shower!

Now, I have given you so many options to be happy. In spite of all this, if you are determined to be unhappy, then what can I say?

You add color to the world; opposite values are complementary. Keep it up. Be the way you are, I accept you!

If you have imbibed wisdom, there is no way you can be miserable. Wisdom is such that you know there will be pleasant days, and there will be unpleasant days. There will be good people, and bad people.

Sometimes your friends behave like your enemies, and sometimes your enemies become your good friends.

All this is a way of life, these things happen. They help you become centered, and solid. Then, no storm can shake you. Even if you can forget all my other talks, if these five lines that I have said stays with you, I tell you, you have done it! You have won! That is why it is called Maya. All these thoughts and emotions, which we think are real, they are unreal, an illusion.

Our concepts about others, about ourselves, they are all unreal. Shake them all, and wake up! You will see, you are just the bubbling energy, bubbling enthusiasm!

You are the fountain of love!

Feature Photo: Photography by Prof Ashutosh Kar, KIIT University, BBSR, Odisha

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