Where there is joy, there cannot be ego

Where there is joy, there cannot be ego

Where there is joy, there cannot be ego. A person who is full of joy will never behave wrongly with anyone. Such a person will not go about hurting people and create problems for others.
One who troubles others is actually suffering himself, and is hurt or wounded in some way. Such people give misery and suffering to others around them. One who has suffered injustice tries to do injustice with others and make them suffer. A person who is happy and content will never trouble anyone else in anyway. Such a person will never steal from others.
So knowledge, happiness and love are the greatest enemies of the ego. Lord Krishna is the symbol of love and joy. How can the ego survive where there is love? The ego is only scared of love, nothing else. That is because ego has to bow down before love. No matter how great a person may be in the world, he has to melt before the love of his own child. When the child falls sick, then no matter how strong and brave the person may be, he melts out of love and concern for the health of his own child. He naturally gets worried.
So love, happiness and naturalness are the greatest enemies of the ego. And what does Lord Krishna represent? He is the symbol of happiness, joy and being natural. He is the very source of bliss.

Contributed by: Col.Prakash Tewari

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