Transformation for Perfect Health

Transformation for Perfect Health

Only a healthy bud can blossom. Similarly, only a healthy person can succeed. Health is just not the absence of disease but it is also being mentally serene and emotionally soft. If the mind is stiff and unsteady, one is not mentally healthy.

The state of good health is called “swastha” in Sanskrit. It also means ‘being established in one’s Self’ and is not just confined to the body or mind. It has to come as a gift from the cosmic mind- from the innermost of one’s being to the outermost and vice versa.

Sometimes when you enter a room inhabited by a disturbed person, you start feeling disturbed even if the person is no longer in the room. You have the same feelings, same thoughts and same emotions as that person.

Feelings are not isolated to one’s body, they are all around. If there is a fire the heat is not just inside the fire but radiating throughout the place. If one is unhappy or depressed, the feeling spreads to the whole environment.

A frustrated man will spread frustration, a jealous person will spread jealousy. If somebody is shooting an arrow at you, insulting you, realise that they are doing it because they are miserable. They are pouring out their stress, tension and anxiety.

When someone commits a mistake, he is not the culprit, the stress within is the cause. Once, the stress is got rid of, then there is no culprit- no one needs to be forgiven. Mo

The objective is to have joy in life and make sure that the knowledge we gain permeates within us. As we learn more about life, the mystery of the whole creation unfolds. Then the question in the mind is: What is the meaning of life? What is its purpose? What is this world? What is love? What is knowledge?

Once these questions arise in you, know that you are very fortunate. These questions need to be understood, you cannot find their answers in books. You have to live through them and witness the transformation. That is perfect health, you are transformed from within. And the bud becomes a totally blossomed bud !!!

Col.Prakash Tewari

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