Your courage and belief in yourself will be tested many, many times in your life. How you will react is up to you. Do you believe in yourself? Have you been able to overcome adversity before? Do you have the necessary tools to help you through the difficulty?

If you answered yes, then you have it in you to do it over and over again – each time you get knocked down. Most of us have been knocked hard, more than once, more than twice. With the proper tools, we didn’t let it wreck our life or our image of ourselves. We thought, “Okay, there is some lesson here I need to learn”, and moved forward again.

We were the lucky ones. We had that belief that we could do anything; be anything, and go anywhere we wanted and had the tools ready when we needed them. We weren’t afraid of the unknown – we knew that sometimes we’d falter, but that’s how we learned.

For those who couldn’t pick themselves back up – there’s hope. You can do it too – it will take time, commitment, action and determination. You will need to surround yourself with tools that can help you break through your barriers. Like a mechanic, we all need tools to help us refine their skills for dealing with disappointment, hurt, anger and grief.

Tools can come in many forms – written material, recorded material, images, and of course, people. You will have to try many, usually, before you find the right combination. But once you do, look out! All of a sudden the light bulb will go off in your head and you will think, “I get it, I understand what I have to do to move forward”.

Do something nice for yourself today – take a minute to reflect on what you want to happen and then start looking for the tools that will help you complete your plan.

Contributed by: Col. Prakash Tewari

Feature Photo: Shama Chowdhury , Nepal

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