Today on Diwali,

Today on Diwali,

Instead of wearing a new dress, I will change the way I address people ?

Instead of cleaning an already clean house, I will work on scrubbing my dusty heart?

Instead of lighting up my doorway, I will light up my pathway to ignorance?

Instead of stuffing myself with sweets, I will give up the bitterness in my heart?

Instead of bursting crackers, I will burst my egoistic pride?

Today when I light up my houses, I will spend some time to light a few lamps inside me and sit in silence with my eyes closed :

  • To burn away any anger and jealousy that I have for any one and see it melt away
  • To burn away unwanted greed and desires. I will feel happy and contented with what I have and been blessed with.
  • To fade away all insecurities that I have in my mind related to anything material or financial. I will have trust in God who has given me life that I will surely have enough to survive.

Today I will try to do all this so that God can quietly walk into my heart !!!!

Col.Prakash tewari

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