The Purpose Of Life

The Purpose Of Life

The more intelligent we become, the more we start losing our innocence. Enlightenment is maintaining the innocence and growing in intelligence.See, an ignorant person can be innocent but it does not have much value. An intelligent person becomes crooked and the crookedness of an intelligent person has no value. See that? The real combination in life is being intelligent who maintaining innocence (the gift of nature in us) at the same time. This is very precious, very precious in life.Doubts enter the mind – doubts about this and doubts about that. Have you seen what doubt is? Where our doubt lies? Our mind always doubts that, which is positive. Have you observed this truth about doubt? You doubt when someone says, “I love you very much.” You keep thinking, “What are they up to? Do they really mean it?”But, if someone is angry with you, you don’t doubt that. Do you see that? When you are happy, you doubt – “Am I really happy?” Or ” Is this really what I want?” You doubt your joy : “Am I not fooling myself? Am I really enjoying myself ?” And then you doubt – “Am I really looking good ?” You want so many other people to approve and say, “Oh, you are looking very good. You are wearing a wonderful dress” or whatever. You are not sure that you are looking good. When you are not sure that you are good, you ask others, “Am I good? Did I do it all right?” Isn’t it? But you never doubt your depression. When you are depressed, do you ever think, “Am I really depressed? Is it true?”No. We don’t doubt the negative in us : “Am I really angry?” No, instead, we doubt the positive qualities in us.It’s the same thing with people. We don’t doubt the negative qualities in people. When somebody is stressed and tense and they behave in a different manner – in an arrogant or in an angry manner- we label them immediately -“Oh, This person is hopeless fellow. He is always angry, always tense”. We don’t see something beyond that. You don’t see that even this person is a beautiful, wonderful person and that it is only due to stress and tension the he has lost his mind somewhere. It is not his real nature. If we can look at people like that the world will be a far better place to live in.

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