Do you Bless or Curse? When something goes wrong do you bless it or curse it? Our natural reactions often lead us towards the negative, but that will only breed more negativity. Catherine Ponder in her book, _’The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages’, talks about blessing people and the situation. It is a very powerful tool and brings instant success manifold. It is a very simple way to say a positive prayer for someone or something.

One of Catherine Ponder’s favourites is “I bless you, and bless you for the goodness of God that is within you.” You can create your own blessings. When you are sending positive thoughts and vibrations towards a person they are much more likely to respond in the same way. It always has much better results than cursing them.

When to use blessings?

  • Anytime when you are angry at someone or can’t seem to settle a disagreement with them.
  • Any part of your body that experiences pain or illness can be blessed. You can bless yourself and your own emotions too.
  • A boss or co-worker who makes work life difficult may stop harassing you, once you have blessed them and the situation.
  • Always bless your bills and your creditors.
  • Bless your relationships with your family, friends and significant others. Bless them when you feel they’ve hurt you. Relationships heal quickly after you stop worrying about the “wrong” and bless them.

“ Bless a thing and it will bless you. Curse a thing and it will curse you. If you put your condemnation upon anything in life, it will hit back at you and hurt you.”

Contributed by: Col. Prakash Tewari

Feature Photo: Neelprava, Kolkata

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