The Growth That Follows

The Growth That Follows

As we go through life things that we deem “bad” happen to us. A young student is considered “bad” when he or she has energy and cannot sit still or prevent his or herself from talking or exploring on their own. This young student is admonished or drugged until he or she can “sit quietly” like the other students.

In this scenario, are we not rewarding inaction and passiveness when so much action is desperately needed in the World today?

Why not get the students out and moving for a couple of hours until they are relaxed enough to quietly sit and learn with a nice adrenaline rush just fading and clearing their minds? This to me is a “good” thing.

We are taught that certain words are bad. So many people are hurt and killed because of words !!!!

Words should not have negative power over anyone and it should be taught that the action following the utterance of words is the only real “thing” that is happening !!!

I have to develop resilience, be very calm and peaceful inspite of someone swearing at me and taunting me. This is not taught as one of the most important aspect when dealing with words?

As immortals we have no knowledge of hurt and loss and so the emotional pendulum cannot swing that far in the direction of happiness or bliss.

*Part of what life means to me is to forget immortality and to experience frailty, pain, loss and all of those so-called “negative” feelings. *

I did say part because of course as the pendulum swings the other way the happiness and growth that follows is “painfully” joyous.

I get such joy over not having a “real” job and being able to do what I want to do. I really think how fragile life really is and that the pendulum can swing either way at any moment and I thank God for that also.

Who would do anything if think that had an eternity to do it? I believe we forget enough about the existence of immortality to give us full spectrum of emotions that we really need to grow!

Here on Earth we learn true happiness and how to let go of hanging on to any and all things.

We must at some point let go of our bodies and what more proof do you need that this is a lesson to be learned and a freedom and rebirth to be experienced?

Contributed by: Col. Prakash Tewari

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