The Amity of Dhamma

The Amity of Dhamma

Buddha said that two types of people are rare. One type is the person who serves, who takes initiative in serving, which means that there is no thought in the mind about anything other than service. The volition of such a person is, my service is to help others, so that more and more people benefit from it. The second type of I’m person always has a feeling of gratitude. Develop these two qualities and certainly you are progressing on the spiritual path.

If you find a fault in somebody, certainly, you should go and tell him or her humbly, with mettā and compassion, “Well, I feel this action of yours is not according to Dhamma.” Try to convince them, but if they are not convinced, don’t generate negativity-instead generate more compassion. Try again and if again this person doesn’t understand, then inform an elder, let the elder try. If this is not successful, let another elder try. If this is not successful, have compassion for this person.

If you have anger and hatred, how can you help anyone else? You have not even helped yourself. Be careful. It is a frightening situation where you create animosity or controversy. Treat everyone as part of a family and if a member has become weak, the entire family should help to make this person strong. Don’t condemn them or try to push them out. This person requires our compassion, not our hatred.

If we continue to have this attitude, then Dhamma remains with us all the time because we have started helping ourselves first. There should be nothing but love and compassion. This should become the guideline for every Dhamma server.

By: Col Prakash Tewari

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