Significance of nine nights of Navratri

Significance of nine nights of Navratri

We have 3 fires in us, one is of our physical body, the second is our subtle body, third is our causal body. Navratri is to make all these fires at peace.

We have three botheration or trap aadhyaatmik (related to our own body & mind), aadidaivik (related to nature’s fury like flood, droughts, storms), aadibhautik (related to different creatures like flies, animals)

All these three botheration or that are released in Navratri.

All nine days are comprised of three tamasic days, the next three Rajasic days, next three sattvic days.

Eat less in tamasic days like fruits & water, Rajasic days may add little usage of rice & potato, Sattvic days we can have Roti of fasting flour.
Then the last day we have feasted on Vijay Dashmi.

Don’t fast normal, have fruits & light things.

On Navratri days don’t indulge in the five senses give rest to eyes, nose, tongue, ears & skin. Give total rest to sensory pleasures.

No overheating, listening to music, touching, watching movies, speaking more!

Do meditation, yoga, kriya & Listen to mantra chanting & have mantra snan(bath).

Then, three kinds of upliftment happens:-
Emotional upliftment
Spiritual upliftment
Intellectual upliftment

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