The power of positive confession is real though intangible. It’s real just like an idea is real but cannot be seen, touched, heard or felt. Even Psychology has recognized the power of positive confessions or thoughts. We humans are the only mammals/animals who can change their cognitive processes and mentality anytime we wish. A lion cannot change the way it thinks or acts or even responds…ever!!

When we spend time visualizing ourselves in our ideal lifestyle, we begin to stir our desire for those kinds of things in our lives. That desire has to be expressed in spoken words to yourself in order to make it seem attainable in your current life. The more you tell yourself who you want to be, the more desire you’ll have to be that person. The more desire you have then, the more you will tell yourself who you are and the bridge between who you are now and who you want to be is your words and your desire.

Confessing positive things to yourself will stir up your soul (mind, will and emotions) on any day. Even if your circumstances are humbling, your soul will be stirred and energized. Words are more powerful than what people think and that is a fact.

Imagine a sweet little innocent girl living with a single parent, an alcoholic who verbally abuses and tears her daughter apart. She tells her how bad she is at everything and how she will never be good enough for anyone and how she messed up her relationships with men simply because she’s her daughter.

Now these are all words, right? I mean they’re intangible but they’re real. So what happens to this poor girl’s esteem and cognitive processes? They change and not for the better. They begin to slowly occupy her mind and soon they begin to cause her to act a certain way and soon she becomes everything her mother told her she would be. Words are essentially power because words carry power, power cannot exist without words. So start today and confess positive things in your life and trust me things will change !!!!!

By: Col Prakash Tewari

Photo: Reema Vaishnav, CG

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