Self Discovery

Self Discovery

The biggest challenge in front of mankind is that man or woman doesn’t look within. You keep looking outside. I met a professor who was telling the definition of mind. I said that no body has given that definition. Not one physiologist or psychiatrist is able to define what the mind is !!!!

“Mana.” The word “mana” means the consciousness which goes outwards. That is mind! When the consciousness which goes outwards turns inside, it is called “Nama” or “No Mind”. So, it is the consciousness which goes outside through the eyes and looks at the world and projects itself often. It is projecting whatever is in its mind.

My God! I do not have time to be angry at you. It would waste my time. Being angry at what? You think because you did some mistake I will be angry at you? I am not that foolish. Who would spend so much energy?

It takes a lot of energy to be angry. It puts such a load on your nervous system and on your mind. And for what? Because someone made a mistake? It is people’s own projection. What we have on our mind we project on others, e.g. “Oh that person is angry at me” but they may not be.They may not have been thinking anything about you. The mind is going outside.

That is what the mind is; the consciousness which goes flows outside through the eyes. It is not the eyes which see. It is through the eyes that something sees everything, through the nose that something smells everything.
That is mind; that which measures everything around us.

This whole world is called maya. Maya means that which can be measured. Everything here can be measured. You can say how much the intensity of light is or how strong that sound is.

Sensory perceptions can be measured by all the five senses.

Measurement is not a reality because it varies from time to time and place to place.

Truth is that which is unaffected by time and space. Is our body true? No because it is affected by time and space.

And all that you perceive everything changes. The flower is here today and tomorrow it will not be there and yesterday it was not there, so it is not truth.

Contributed by: Col. Prakash Tewari

Feature Photo By: Babina Naik, Boudh, Odisha

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