Sadguru on Isolation during COVID

Sadguru on Isolation during COVID

“I do not consider isolation having to stay at home with who I love.”

Isolation is what the seriously ill are experiencing.

Stop saying that you are bored, upset that you can’t leave the house; while everyone in the hospital wants to go home.

So, thank God if you have to stay at home, because despite everything, with money or without money, with a job or without a job, you are in the best place you could be, at home, surrounded by who loves you!

Perhaps it is time to transform your house into a wonderful place to stay, a place of peace and not of war, of embrace and not of distance.

Anyway, look with different eyes at the situation you are experiencing !!

Make your house a party: Listen to music, sing, dance …
Make your house a temple:

Pray, pray, meditate, ask, thank, praise, plead …

Make your home a school: Read, write, draw, paint, study, learn, teach …

Make your house a store: Clean, order, organize, decorate, label, move, sell, donate …

Make your house a restaurant: cook, eat, try, create recipes, grow spices, plant a garden …

Anyway … make your house, your family, a place of love. “

Contributed by: Col. Prakash Tewari

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