Realize that YOU are separate from “Your Real Self “

Realize that YOU are separate from “Your Real Self “

If you look at all the pleasures you get in life, they all come with a ‘tax’! This tax is sorrow.

Every event, however pleasant, causes pain in the end. Greater the joy; greater is the pain. Longing for an event or waiting for a pleasurable event is again painful.
Memories of pleasure also bring pain.
Before you want something, the feverishness of wanting, it is painful. When you have it, the fear of losing it is painful. When it is gone, the memory of its joy is painful.

So a Viveki, an intelligent person, whose wisdom has awakened, sees the whole thing as pain. There is nothing that is not painful.

You say love is so beautiful, but love is also painful. How close can you get? Love wants something more; it wants to merge, vanish and disappear. That is love !!!!

When you realise that everything is pain, then what do you do? You have to do something to stop this pain. The root cause of pain needs to be eliminated. The pain, which has not yet come in life and, which has not sprouted should be nipped off, right at the beginning. How do we do that? Forgetfulness of oneself, as separate from one’s environment, is the main cause of pain.

There are three things that causes pain: –
a) The self
b) The seer and the seeing.
c) Lack of perception

If you say, ‘This is me’, then there is a problem. “We keep our life somewhere else; we don’t keep our life in us.
Life is not in one’s self, life is somewhere else.” For some people, their life is in the bank account. If the bank closes, then that person will get a heart failure.
Whatever you give more importance to in life, that becomes the cause of pain.

Observe right now !!!!! the Seer is separate from its surroundings. It is the Seer that sees and perceives everything that we call the world! So when you see the difference, that the seer is separate from its surroundings, it helps in eliminating the pain.

Through meditation :
a) You can experience that you are not the body.
b) You’re not this mind
c) You are not this intellect

But that doesn’t mean that you have to run away from this world. This world is here for your enjoyment. However, while enjoying it, don’t forget yourself’. The realisation that you are separate from yourself is Viveka.

By: Col. Prakash Tewari

Col Prakash Tewari (Retd) has been working in the field of Ecology, Disaster Management and Sustainability since the last 22 years. He has been executing Environmental/Sustainability Projects in a number of reputed Companies in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia Continent. He has been awarded the United National Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) – 2005 Award for distinguished Professional Leadership and personal commitment to programs in Asia. He served in the Armed Forces prior to joining the Corporate World.

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