Only give and ask nothing

Only give and ask nothing

The diya is a symbol of the self. It is made of clay, which represents our body, has a cotton wick and oil. Notice the flame of the diya always burns upwards – inspiring us towards higher ideals.

The wick in the diya represents our ego. Oil or ghee in the lamp represents our “vasanas” or negative tendencies. As the lamp burns to produce light for all, the oil is slowly consumed and finally, the wick also burns out. When lit by spiritual knowledge (ie the flame), the “asanas” get slowly exhausted and the ego, too, finally perishes.

Only when we sacrifice ourselves for others like the lamp, by humbling ourselves, by ridding our ego, can we truly serve society? The greatest lamp is the Sun, slowly but surely consuming itself so all the creatures on the Earth can live. The Sun only gives and asks for nothing. #ThinkPositive

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