On love and entering into Relationships

On love and entering into Relationships

“There is confusion and chaos in the world in the name of love. Love with wisdom is eternal bliss. Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasure, sooner or later will bring misery and heartbreak. If you are in love with somebody don’t think that it will be forever, unless and until there is knowledge or wisdom in it. If your love is there to help others, nobody can destroy it, but if your love is to get something from the other, sooner or later, it will be broken into pieces.

Find out what you think love is. Do you think love is only for getting pleasure from others? If yes, then it is going to bring you pain. But if your love is there only to care, and you cannot be without it, then that is what true love is.It is your own nature.Then your relationship will be nurturing and it will last longer. So, if you are entering a relationship, go with the attitude, ‘I am going to be a part of this person, give whatever I can, and contribute whatever I can to this person’s life’.”

Contributed by: Col. Prakash Tewari

Feature Image: Indian Actress/Model Smriti Kalra

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