Modesty & Humility

Modesty & Humility

Modesty and humility are the greatest beauty of mankind. People try to look attractive by putting costly dresses, sarees, branded clothes, costly make-ups, but they never recognize the inner beauty that can attract anybody else more strongly than anything else, that inner beauty is modesty and humility. This is an inner human attribute that makes a person more attractive, make his/her words more sweet, make his/her action more effective. Modesty and humility takes away the ego within and makes a person more down to earth and helps him connect better to the world around him/her. It brings more positivity from within, destroys jealousy comparison with other, it makes a person calm in the midst of the waves of unstable freaky materialistic world. The idea of I am good, is ok. But the idea of I am the best and nobody else is better than me, is destructive. It ceases growth of a human being, and when growth stops, there is decaying, this is true for organism as well as organization. Modesty and humility eliminates the I feeling from one’s mind and starts looking at the world as it is. It prevents one from becoming skeptic and paranoid. It makes one more empathetic and compassionate towards others and that’s the reason you starts understanding the needs and difficulties of people , before they express the same before you. Modesty and humility reduces the anxiety of competition to look the best, stress of becoming the best, compulsion of running a race to overcome others. This helps to make a person stable and preserving the unnecessary flow of energy in many directions. This helps to you to be yourself and helps to grow and glow attracting the blessings of others and that of God.

By. Debadutta Mishra

Feature Photo: Priyanka CG.

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