If we have a burden on our hearts and feel the need to dialogue, what should we do?

If we have a burden on our hearts and feel the need to dialogue, what should we do?

There is not a single rule here. Sometimes you feel that your mind will become lighter talking, you will calm down. But sometimes talking is not useful in any way. Wake up and look, the whole world is like a dream! All thoughts, the behavior of people will disappear very quickly. Some people behave well, others are bad, but one day everyone will die and the world will end. At present, the group of people who live, one day will end and they will die one day. Then the group of other people will come, they will fight among themselves, they will embrace, they will love, they will kiss, they will do everything and they will all die.

Today there are seven billion people in the world and seven billion people will die some day. It is only a matter of a few years! In the next 100 years, do you think that the same people will be here? Those present here will not be alive and even after 200 years, not even your grandchildren will be alive! Look, the world is like a river, new water flows in every moment. What is there to be so worried about it ?

If you want to leave something behind you, then that’s wisdom! That would be good for anyone. It’s not what he said, and what you think about that !! This is nonsense! throw all out the window! All this has no meaning! In the hours that we have, all make a vain effort in explaining what we thought, or felt, or what others think of us !!!!

You know that when the weather changes, the mind also changes !!! In the astrology table you can get a clue to how your mind is connected to time. There is no doubt that astrology is a science, but it has been so distorted that you can not even see what it really was.

According to Vedic astrology, it is said that when Jupiter passes the eighth place from the moment of his birth, it has an effect on his mind, you lose your knowledge and you become sad for few months. Unless you are in deep spiritual knowledge or enlightened, it will surely affect your mind.

But if you know that these months will be difficult for your mind and your feelings, then you will be careful or in spiritual knowledge !!!

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