I think life is miserable. What can I do to come out of this feeling?

I think life is miserable. What can I do to come out of this feeling?

You think life is miserable because you are hanging onto the desires of the past and also the unattainable desires. You are not accepting the present. You are not moving ahead. You are hoping for too much. You should be practical.

Life is a mixture of problems and pleasure. What does your mind do? It messes up the problems, and blows them out of proportion, and makes you miserable. So, who is responsible for your misery?

You are.

When do you plan, not to be miserable? That is it.
You know, if a room is dark for twenty years, it does not take another twenty years to bring in the light. It just needs one connection—a switch is turned on and the darkness vanishes. Your life may have been miserable in the past, but wake up. So what if it had been miserable?

Problems come and go in everybody’s life. Look at your past problems came and they have all vanished. We forcefully make the problem linger on. Just wake up and see where is the problem? The problem is not there at all. You can have some physical problem sometimes some pain here and there but is there anyone who has never suffered physical illness? Everybody has some physical problem at some point in his or her lives.

When you violate laws of nature, there is pain and suffering. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

Contributed by: Col. Prakash tewari

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