It takes courage to say “I Am”

Only in deep rest can the Divine come, not by doing. All the doings are to help you become silent. Not enjoying the bliss or the peace takes you further – otherwise the bliss or the peace can create cravings. If the existence wants to give it, then fine. It takes courage to say “I am”. Your true nature is bliss. But trying to enjoy the bliss, you step down from is-ness to am-ness – “l am peaceful”, “I am blissful”. And that is followed by “I am miserable”. “I am” is dispassionate ie not influenced by strong emotion, and so able to be rational and impartial. You can be anywhere and be dispassionate. Dispassion is welcoming everything. Centeredness brings energy, a spark. Enjoyment of bliss brings inertia. If you are dispassionate, the bliss is still there. When the freezer is full of ice cream you do not bother about it. Dispassion takes away the sense of scarcity. Passion is a sense of lack of abundance. And whenever everything is abundant, dispassion happens. And when dispassion is there, everything comes in abundance.

Contributed by Col. Prakash Tewari

Photo: Irina Beg, Odisha

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