Enough Running

Enough Running

Is there something difficult in your life that you tend not to talk about ??

• Is there something, buried deep inside of you, that you never want to dig it out and you let it lay there and fester and grow inside of you like a bad disease?

There are so many people who run from their problems. They run and run and never face them.

They run from people that they do not like or have harmed them in some way, or avoid places that may trigger a reaction and bring up bad memories. And the big one that people run from, is the past.

Instead of dealing with these issues, people take the easy way out and ride down the comfortable path called “Least Resistance.”

• Do you know when you face these problems in your life and attack them head on, you become stronger and you will grow spiritually ??

• Do you know when you face your fears, those fears (most of them) go away ??

If you want to lead a great, healthy, happy life for yourself, with values and hopes and dreams, you must first get rid of that heavy baggage you carry around inside of you …Just drop it off and never pick it back up again.

Every time this uncomfortable situation comes up in your life, do not bury your head in the sand.

Greet the problem head on and with a positive mindset and you will realize that the huge problem that has been beating you up mentally, for so long and so many years, was just a figment of your imagination. It was never real to begin with and certainly will never hurt you.

• Live free of mental anguish…
• Live free of anxieties of what you think is going to happen…
• Live free from the fears of the unknown…
• Live free from something that happened so long ago and has been keeping you chained down for years, stuck from forward progression….
• Let it all go… Declare freedom from all of this and watch your life flourish with healthy positive faith filled thoughts.

Happiness is right around the corner peeking it’s head out at you. Go get him and welcome him into your heart. Hasn’t it been long enough ??

By: Col Prakash Tewari,

Photo: Internet

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