Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression

Everyone of us goes through times when life seems extremely difficult , we are left alone , we can’t pay the bills , we have lost our Job, we have lost our loved ones.
At such times we wonder how we will possibly make it through the next week. Somehow We Usually Do !

A Person embarking on a day’s march would be foolish to carry enough provisions for a life-time !

However , it is not strange to see many people carry worries for the next 25 years with them today and wonder Why Life Is So Difficult ?

It is pointless to worry about tomorrow’s problems today ..

Next time , you find yourself despairing , ask yourself ..

Have I got enough fresh air to breathe ?

Have I enough Food For Today ?

(If the Answer is Yes .. then Things are Really Looking up !!)

An Interesting Conversation between a Family Doctor and his patient went like this ..

The Man said ” It’s Over , I’m Finished , all my money has gone , I’ve lost everything.”

Dr. Asked .. “Can you still see ?”

The Man Replied “Yes I Can See.”

Dr. Asked .. “Can You still Walk ?”

The Man Replied “Yes I can walk.”

Dr. said ” than now as I understand that you can see as well as walk and since you called me up you can hear too ..!!

All you have lost is your Money !!

Some Questions We might be asking ourselves are really not requried

For Example :

  • What is the worst that could happen ? And if it did will I be still alive ?
  • What my friends must be thinking about me ? ( actually they are too busy elsewhere to think about anything ..everyone is ..)
  • What do I learn from this situation ? or What should I learn from the situation ?
    (It’s not really very Important to try and immediately learn from any situation , life will give you enough chances to analyse)

**Another avoidable question is .. Will I be Ok for the next 05 Minutes .. What if? ..

Want to feel better about yourself ? Do something for somebody else , excessive worry and self pity grow out of Self pre-occupation .The moment you start making other people happy , you feel better !!

Disasters aren’t so disastrous , if we tackle them a piece at a time. Also the sooner we recognise what we stand to gain from the experience , the easier it is to deal with it..

Contributed by: Col. Prakash Tewari

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