Balance = Idealist & Realist

Balance = Idealist & Realist

Idealist… “I am waiting for my Fairy God Mother to come and save me.”

Realist… “Your Fairy God Mother called, she isn’t coming.”

In the end, the Idealist becomes the Realist. The Realist becomes the Idealist!

When you are traumatized, it is similar to losing a close loved one. At first you do not believe it. Then you do not accept it, however you do not approve of it. Then you accept it, however you are very angry. Then you want to blame someone. When you are traumatized, you have no expectations. You hope your fairy God Mother comes to save you. After various national disasters and natural calamities, our Fairy God Mother came in many forms, who came as the first responders, The Army Pilots flying helicopters saving lives off roof tops and trees. These Pilots risked their lives to evacuate marooned and distressed people and provide food to them. The NGOs and the Samatariana giving out Ready to eat meals. People from religious institutions came from everywhere to help in any way possible. Students from across the country also came to council people. Utility Companies came from across the country to restore Cable TV, telephone, electric, gas, and water. They slept in their trucks, ate ready to eat meals. Police and Firemen left their families and came to help in anyway possible . Insurance adjusters came under unbelievable circumstances trying to settle claims. So many wonderful people came to help and they still come. They sleep in religious institutions and schools. Now visitors and conventioneers come to enjoy the city once again. They could not do more for us. More then fifty thousand hospitality workers depend on these visitors. It is good to believe that your Fairy God Mother is coming. However while you’re praying, grab a broom and maybe a mop and do something. Maybe clean the drain in front of your home. Call a neighbor and offer to help them. Our Fairy God Mother helps those who try to help themselves. Sometimes we must ask for help. However before we ask, we must tell them why we want help. The best tellers are the best sellers, however telling is not selling. Asking for the check with the order is selling. If we just ask, they may say, “Are you trying to be cute?” Our number one survival skill is to run as fast as you can run. Look for someone that has greater problems then you. Focus on serving them. Your problems will shrink or disappear.

By: Prakash tewari

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