Are You Happy? If Not, Why Not?

Are You Happy? If Not, Why Not?

They say we become our environment. That we cultivate our environment.

Picture a man in his 60’s sitting with few friends around him that he hasn’t seen in some time. He says, “I have four children. One is a dentist. One is a lawyer. One is a doctor. And one is happy.”

Are you happy? How is your self-esteem? A person may be rich but are you happy in spite of being very well off !!! For most parents to be happy and successful is :

  • Get a good job
  • Get a nice house
  • Get a nice car

So here we are. We get that good job. We get that nice house. We get that nice car. But then are we happy? Our parents didn’t drill into our heads to be happy. They told us, “Get a good job. Then you’ll be someone.”

When we think of Mother Theresa, do we think of the car or the house she had or her great values and the principles she believed in and stood for?

On this earth, we have a problem. Anger. Hatred is all around us. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A new self-healing spacecraft must be developed. One with precision pieces of engineering. “Engineered with hope, joy, and kindness to our fellow man. One that makes all spirits fly.”

Perhaps we aren’t happy with our parents, spouse, our boss/workplace. We were bullied in school. So much anger and hatred are placed upon our souls. We can’t fight back, but we can observe ourselves and introspect !!!

So often these emotions enter into our daily lives. They seep into our relationships. Our parenting. Our being. Our legacy. At the start of each new year, most of you will make resolutions. Maybe this year we should keep it simple. This year I’m going to instill happiness into my life, into my parenting. This year I’m going to be happy. This year I’m going to learn how to be truly happy !!!

There is still some time left for the new year, think, think and be happy…

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