Are You Engaged In Living?

Are You Engaged In Living?

Are you an active participant in your journey down life’s pathway? Are you engaged in making life better for yourself and others? Do you keep a positive attitude? Do you work toward your goals or do you just hope for the best?

The way you present yourself says a lot about what’s happening in your world. If you walk into a room, curious about what’s happening, willing to engage, and perceive yourself in a positive light, you open yourself to infinite opportunities. When you walk into a room with your eyes down, nervously smiling, and reflecting negatives on all fronts, you show lack of confidence, a contrary attitude, and someone to be avoided.

If you notice that you’re not truly showing up, but have a vision of what it would look and feel like when you do, you have the necessary inspiration to make the right choices, which will spring you forward to showing up for this journey known as life.

There are many things you can do to fully engage in living the life you desire. When you show up for life, you’ll find purpose in doing what God has for you to accomplish in life. You’ll find places and opportunities that can give you the experiences you have dreamed of. You’ll find relationships and connections, which will enhance your living. You’ll experience passion for living that you never dreamed possible. When you are fully engaged in showing up, you’ll find whatever it was that you needed. You’ll become alive, confident, and passionate about what is expected of you each day.

There is nothing better than the feeling of showing up for your own life. When you do this, you become one who is more alive and who has the ability to make things happen in your own life and the lives of people around you. You’ll walk through the world with the knowledge that you have a lot to offer and a great desire to share it. That doesn’t mean that you will not falter or err. It means that you’ll correct your erroneous ways and move forward instead of holding back with your talents to succeed. You’ll be striving to accomplish the tasks God put you here for. His purpose will become your aiming point.

Show up for life, as God purposed you to live. We’re all expecting the best from you.

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