Airplanes are part of our everyday life. It does not have a direct impact on our everyday life, but most of us have traveled in one, or if not, wished that there was an opportunity to get into one and feel how it feels to be so high in the air.

If we look at an airplane, it is beautiful and also technologically very advanced. While it is flying, one can only wonder at the design and power that keep this bird in the air. One crucial thing about these birds is that after every flight, they need to be checked up; the engines, the wheels, the body, every part. This is for safety reasons and to prolong the usable life of the plane.

The plane cannot be serviced or fixed while it is in the air. It needs to land at an airport. At the airport there are technicians, mechanics, workshops to get a plane airworthy again. It can be serviced, refueled, cleaned and be ready to depart again. With a loaded tank, the plane will be able to reach almost any destination on earth, but every plane is limited to the amount of fuel it can take in the tanks, which means that it cannot make every destination in one continuous flight. It needs to be put down to fill up again.

In our life, and also in everyone else’s lives, we need a place where we can refuel, where we can be repaired and fixed. In our lives, God is our airport and we need to frequent the airport for refueling, for repairs, for cleanups etc.

How often do we stop for a service? One thing you need to remember is that the airport will never move. The plane needs to get back to the airport to be able to land and to be serviced.

How often do we expect God to come to us, to rescue us from problems? We need to remember that we have to return to God. We can make emergency landings because God is ready and geared for every situation.

In actual fact – God loves our emergencies, because it brings us to Him so He can work wonders. We need to start refueling more often, we need to allow repairs to small parts, to major parts, and just allow ourselves to stand in the hanger and get a proper cleanup and fix up.

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