5 Tips To Stay Positive

5 Tips To Stay Positive

Have you noticed how the small things in life affect your everyday living?

Did you get a cheery “good morning” at the breakfast table this morning or just a grumble?
Did you give a warm smile and happy greeting in return?
Do you look people in the eye and give them your undivided attention when they speak?
Do you really listen for a reply when you ask someone a question?
Do you really care or do you insulate yourself from the negative views you hear each day?

I hope your response was positive to all the questions above, for none of us wants to be that negative person in life. How do we remain positive, when so many negative things happen around us each day?

Make enthusiasm a daily habit. Wake up happy. Be thankful for the day ahead. Think positively early in the day. It can carry you through the hardest days. Don’t let negative people predetermine your worth.

Don’t be a grudge collector. We can all recite incidents in life when we felt slighted by someone, turned off by one’s negative actions, or even insulted by someone. It’s easy to rekindle a negative attitude if we continue to remember those occasions or react to them. Forget them. They’re not worth reliving.

Don’t brag. Get high in doing good for your own self-worth, not for recognition. If you seek to set yourself above others by your deeds, you could quickly find that you are inadequate instead of proud.
Have a positive support group. Make friends of those who have this same attitude about life. You’ll find the mutual support of each other the reward you need to keep the proper positive attitude.
Give God the glory for what you have.

Make every day the best day possible.
Once the day is gone, it is gone forever.
Live in the today. Keep hope for tomorrow. Live on His promises and keep the faith. But, live this and every morning with a Godly heart and your days will be filled with His blessings. Meditate !!!

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