10 Life Damaging Mistakes We End Up Making Unknowingly

10 Life Damaging Mistakes We End Up Making Unknowingly

Making mistakes is a part of one’s growing process. It is sitting on those mistakes that stagnates growth.

Following are the common mistakes that we make unintentionally, but these mistakes are potent enough to poison our lives !!

  1. When you don’t embark upon a career path of your choice : One day, after years of working like an ass, you will get a wakeup call from an inner voice saying, “Congratulations! You just won the championship for doing what you hate for the longest period of time.”
  2. When you cut down on your chances of being happy in the present by living with the ghosts of the past.
  3. When you keep switching from one wrong relationship to another assuming that only losers eat alone in restaurants!
  4. When you lower your worth by comparing yourself with others. Comparing with others all the time will lead you nowhere.
  5. When outer appearances and status hold more importance in your life. You rejected that man’s proposal of being your life partner because he is not exactly your ideal hero.
  6. When you live by the fear of getting hurt. You care about someone fondly but don’t want them to know.
  7. When you start adjusting in life thinking that doing so will make you a hero.
    Adjusting is one thing, adjusting a lot is another thing.
  8. When you feel that entertainment means staying intoxicated. Don’t start believing that intoxication/smoking is the only way life can be enjoyed.
  9. When you think food is the best stress buster in the world !! Stressed-eating pleases your soul and calms you down. But what you don’t realize is that in the process of feeding your soul, you also end up feeding a little bit extra to your body.
  10. When you think that developing a sharp tongue is the best way to deal with the world of today. If you want to know the real definition of “brave”, ask a single mother, who morphed her many years to bring up her sibling.

Making mistakes means we are out there doing something. So don’t be ashamed. Just be sure to learn from them and start afresh. This is how you grow!

Col.Prakash tewari

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