What is stronger; mind, body or soul? How can I use these three in a good way?

What is stronger; mind, body or soul? How can I use these three in a good way?

The soul has its own strength, the mind has its own strength and the body has its own position. Everything has its own strength. Keep the three balanced in their own respect. Eat on time and then engage in your work. Eating on time, exercising on time, doing sadhana on time – keeping the body healthy – this is essential.

For strengthening of the mind, there is knowledge. Listen to knowledge again and again. Being engrossed in our day-to-day duties and work, meeting people, gives rise to many thoughts in the mind. The mind is troubled. Cravings, aversions, envy, greed, temptations – many different things bog the mind down. So keeping the mind clear every single day is important – the way you brush your teeth every day, you take a bath every day, in the same way, every day we must read or listen to some knowledge. Then the mind and intellect stay pure.

You keep blaming the mind; why don’t you remember death? You are going to die one day! Just by the thought of death, the disorders of the mind go away. The minute you realize that life is momentary, the mind becomes happy. Life is fleeting, we will live for a few days and bear whatever difficulties there are. And whatever good work is there to be done, we will do that and go.

We have not come here to sit idle. We have come in this world to do something and we will do it! This feeling should arise. If we keep ourselves busy in doing something or the other, then also the worries of the mind reduce.

Okay, then how do we strengthen the soul? The soul is already strong! And with this confidence that God is mine, the strength of the soul increases. Whatever will happen will be good for me – this kind of strong determination is necessary.

Things will be good for me always. If something is not working today, then something better is in store; that is why it is not happening now – this surety should be in our mind.

Contributed by Col. Prakash Tewari.

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