The Power of Self-Confidence

The Power of Self-Confidence

Dealing with the mind is creative. Dealing with people is a challenge. Dealing with the inanimate is monotony. The mind is sharper than a knife. Use it to fight the challenge. Use it to sculpt the stone. Everyone is creative. You just need to find the right key to unlock it. Follow along the short story below to understand the The Power of Self-Confidence.

Stumbling over stones, a man was trying to find his way through a dark cave with a light of hope from a lantern. Finally, he could trace a ray of sunlight entering the cave, which made him glitter with happiness. But, as he drew closer, he was bewildered to see a gigantic rock standing before him like a mammoth. Courage was the only strength he possessed to devastate the barricade. He pushed the rock with all his might, but it stood firmly denying to move. He tried again but it repudiated him from leaving the place. He felt as though being swallowed by a Blue Whale that was waiting to fulfill its enormous appetite. He sat at the foot of the massive rock in the mouth of the gargantuan cave looking back at his endeavor and said, “I will get out of here.” This WILL added to his POWER and gave him more energy in pushing the colossal piece. The rock moved a little which motivated him to work harder. It enervated him but he was not put off. He seemed an ant before a giant, not in terms of size or potency, but his attitude.

Slowly the rock made way for him paying tribute to all his efforts. He walked along the bright and evergreen path before him, with pride. My Point: You can find a lot of inspirations by looking around. Listen to inspiring music and read motivating books. Life is to learn. Look back and learn from mistakes. There may be many causes for a problem. Identify the right one before finding a way to solve it. Heal the fear within by injecting the spirit of confidence.

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