Prominent Educationist Mala Arora bags FICCI (YFLO) Women Achiever Award for Inclusive Education.

Prominent Educationist Mala Arora bags FICCI (YFLO) Women Achiever Award for Inclusive Education.

Prominent Educationist Mala Arora bags this years FICCI (YFLO) Women Achievers Award for outstanding performance in education. This award was conferred to Mala Arora for her extraordinary contribution to Inclusive Education. “I am so happy that I won this award within the education category and not under any separate category like social, CSR or noble cause as it would usually get overshadowed by. Yes, I work in the field of inclusion to ensure all learners get their fair share and space in our education system and work sphere” said Mala after this great achievement. She also mentioned that, she strongly stands by that, no individual should be left behind irrespective of their abilities. They deserve equal platform to be able to flourish and organically grow within the society which must not have separate compartments. We as a society may be ignorant about diversity in people around us. However, when we take a position in leadership and management, it becomes our responsibility and duty to understand varied needs and unique learning style of individuals around us. A leader is a visionary and they are expected to learn what makes our environment rich is the diversity. Hence, understand diversity and work towards empowering all learners alike in schools, Universities and at work.

Mala Arora has Worked as an Inclusion professional, London, and an Inclusion Manager/School Consultant with schools in London & India. She has managed provision for schools to meet the needs of learners with various medical, special needs etc. in London & India. Mala has been advocating Inclusion and Equity at all fronts.
She is also a Psychotherapist & Counsellor focused on providing individual and corporate counselling, specially in work related stress, family issues, children related worries. Intensive work with children and adults with mental health issues. She is a specialist in Policy development, Inclusive Education, Special Needs and Disability, CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Teacher training, Sensitization workshops.

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  • Vinod Manchanda Reply

    Very nice platform for differently abled.As my son was Spastic by birth.i used to counsel parents teachings meeting.In northern celebarl palasy of India.Now Addi of Delhi.As being education with science in zoology honours also got training in Addi .since 1986_1995.Thanks for doing great job and compassion to contribute society at large.Thanks.

    March 29, 2022 at 5:37 pm

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