New Google Maps Feature Highlights Wheelchair Accessible Places

New Google Maps Feature Highlights Wheelchair Accessible Places

Google Maps users can now turn on an “Accessible Places” feature to find wheelchair accessible locations.Google Maps is launching a new accessibility feature that lets users find wheelchair accessible places with the push of a button. “Accessible Places” is a feature that can be turned on and off in the Google Maps app. When switched on, accessible places can be quickly identified with a wheelchair icon. Here’s an example of what the icon looks like:

The icon is so unobtrusive that it’s a wonder why Google wouldn’t opt to add it to Maps listings by default. For now at least, Accessible Place is a feature that has to be turned on manually. Being accessible means the location has a wheelchair accessible entrance. It may also have accessible seating, restrooms, and parking. If a place offers some degree of accessibility, but not an accessible entrance, that will be indicated in Google Maps as well.


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