Developing speech in Autism Spectrum Disorder.. Experience of a Mother

Developing speech in Autism Spectrum Disorder.. Experience of a Mother

This is Richa Mathur, mother of 10 year old autistic child Aarav Mathur..We all love our child more than anything in the world.In the early days of our child’s life, long before any diagnosis was made and plans we had for our child.May be some were as simple as cuddling with your child or plying games.Perhaps some were as far reaching as your child high school or graduation or wedding day.But when our child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder I felt that many doors were suddenly closed to the child you love because this diagnosis is often accompanied by a long list of predictions.
Your child will never talk
Your child will never have friends.
Your child will never hold your hand.
Perhaps even:your child will never love you..
But these are myths.
In the early days I was also broken but slowly slowly I started working on my child..Doctors told me about some therapy centres but i got no result..Then I met Mrs Shweta Deora she is also a special mother and running a centre for special kids..She told me that you work on your child then I decided to work on my own and I got my expected result …Today he can speak every word sentences,alphabets,rhymes…I would like to share my experience how I developed his speech after 7 years of his birth.
1-Believe that your child can speak
Your belief is very important for the child to groom…so try and try until you succeed and remember u can never give up.
2-Beginning with partial words to single words
You have to start with aaa or baa for ball…it will be easy for the initiation.
3-Flash cards
Flash cards play a very important role in speech.
Use two flash cards at a time and point one like if you are putting Apple and banana then make him point banana and speak baaaa in front of him and then if he speaks then appreciate him and if he makes any sound then also clap for him atleast he made any effort..
4-Phonics Songs
Show him phonics song and sing in front of him and ask to sing with you and show some enjoyment
Each word which you are speaking should be very clear and slow so that he can easily understand the lip movement and the word…
When he starts speaking a single alphapet then proceed to a word and then to sentence…
These are some tips which helped me in developing his speech try this and work hard…thank you

By: Richa Mathur, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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