Strive for freedom -“Inclusion based Education”

Strive for freedom -“Inclusion based Education”

This is Advocate Shweta Deora, mother of Nripendra Deora, a 12 years old boy with Autism.
I am founder of Strive, a place where everyone is equal. When my son is diagnose with autism, I actually didn’t know what to do, I made his admission in many schools, but after 4-5 days every school was reluctant to keep him.

In every school, teachers tried to keep my son isolated from others, did not involve him in any activity. He was always kept aside so that he can’t disturb others. This always made me feel very upset. I always dreamed for my child to have sound education, be an allrounder, but I was upset to see my child excluded from any activity in schools. He never got any opportunity to participate in any competition, even he didn’t know the meaning of a competition. No one invited my child in any birthday parties or social functions, which was always breaking me from within.

Then one day I decided that I will creat a space for him, where he can dance ,he can participate, he can do whatever he wants to do. Where he can get equal opportunities to enjoy his childhood and grow.

The journey of Strive begins…… the concept of inclusion based education and also training of special mothers (mothers of special need kids). But it was not t all easy. Because I have to face so many problems, as follows-
1-The major problem was that, many parents were not ready to accept the disability or we can say what the actual problem the child is having, They were not able to accept the interventions needed, other than medical treatment.
2-Second major issue was that, what after diagnosis,, where to go for the education ,where to go for the treatment, so many questions in their mind but unfortunately did not get a good counselling centre to guide them.
3-When I started the centre, I have been feast to so many negative comments, -like yahan per aise bacche bhi aate Hain,, ham hamare bacchon ko pagalon ke sath nahin bithaenge,,, and so on…..
When I faced so much denials from parents, I tried to set an example of myself before others, I had to make myself mentally strong, to face comments of the world and also made myself to be positive in every negative situation. This is the first step every parent should do.

I am very happy to share that on 2nd October we have completed four years of journey of Strive Learning Centre. Now my son have so many friends,, and the journey of Strive is to be continued….

By Shweta Deora.

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