Autism Therapy integrated with Spiritualism.. Experiences and Research shared by Shweta Deora, a Mother as a trainer, therapist & teacher.

Autism Therapy integrated with Spiritualism.. Experiences and Research shared by Shweta Deora, a Mother as a trainer, therapist & teacher.

“A journey of a special mother from a state of depression to transformation of becoming a Mother with 9 faces”
I am Shweta Deora from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I have done BA,, LLB from Jodhpur. I got married to Mr. Shailendra deora in 2009 and achieved motherhood in 2011.

My happiness knew no bounds. Every one in my family were also very happy especially my sons Great Grand father, as my son was 1st in the next generation. Everything was going on good. But life is not always so good or perfect as we think. As my son Nripendra was growing up, we observed that he has limited speech.

We made Nripendra’s admission in a good school, and I also started working as a teacher for better care of my child. Gradually Nripendra was developing hyperactivity, which was a matter of serious concern for us.

One day something unexpected happened. Nripendra got unconscious in his class. His class teacher came running to me in another class and informed me about the incident. I rushed with panic and found him lying on floor, his face was red. He was immediately taken to nearby hospital and doctor told he got unconscious due to fear. I could not control my temper, and with an angry and loud voice urged the principle to, show us the CCTV footage. What might have happened at that time?? was the question running in my mind. She denied and told me that “Your kid need some other school, we can’t keep him here any more”.
I felt helpless for the time being, then we took him to Ahmedabad for medical check up. There he was diagnosed Autism for the first time. It was definitely a shock for me and Shailendra. Doctors consoled us saying that, “go for therapies and he will be alright. There is nothing worried about it”.
It took some time to accept that my son is with autism spectrum. Then I made up my mind and planned for therapies for Nripendra. I continued to visit a number of autism therapy centres, with hopes that my son will become alright.
The biggest misconception, I had that time was that, one or two hours therapy session is enough for my son, and he will be get well soon. I trusted the therapists blindly and i always asked them, to give me some activities for home as I want my child to be well as soon as possible, but most of the time the answer I got was “There is nothing to do at home…if you do anything wrong, it could spoil his progress.

After 3 years of continuous therapies, I got no results. Schools denied his admission, Special school environment scared him… what to do?? I was getting no answer…

I went into depression day by day. Everyday was like a calamity for me. Every day I cried a lot, cried a loud, cried alone, cried before the God. Where ever I went, I had to face people who fought with me, because the behavior of my child. Some used to say, “keep your son locked at home” and some said “it was the result of your bad karma”. Every alternate day some or the other person blamed our parenthood saying ” You don’t give proper attention to your child” and many more things.

It was very tough situation for me. I had no clue, how I can overcome it. Then suddenly one day I observed, my son Nripendra was listening Mahamtrunjai Mantra with attention. He was cool and calm.

This stimulated me to start my new journey in research about the mantra and about the spiritual sciences and applied them in my therapy. I found amazing results that, 1) His hyperactivity has reduced drastically in few days, 2) His attention span and sitting habits has enhanced, 3) He has started feeding him-self independently, 4) He has started asking for help for his basic self care needs, 5) He has started doing toilet activities independently, which was not there till he was 9years, and so many changes in his behavior.

I was doing my research work and simultaneously applying the same to my child and also to other children with similar difficulties. There was a lot of obstacles, I had to face every day, poor acceptance in the professional atmosphere. Most of the time professionals used to say, “An expert can only gives the treatment not any other person”
Once I met with an expert “Shri Ravi Gunthye sir” who said to me “What a mother can do for her child, no therapist or doctor may not do”. “Weight scale of mother is always heavy then any other, because the patience level of a mother is limitless” These words were highly motivating for me, and I saw a ray of hope, in the midst f despair.

Here I am sharing some activities I do for my child, which is totally out of my personal experience, & I hope this might be useful for other children with autism spectrum.
1-Do a pretend play with your child using teddy bear,,, make some funny noise, pretending as if the teddy is talking to your child. Its helps in improving attention.
2-Om Chanting -Sit on floor on a soft mat,, do om chanting in-front of your child and try to make him chat Om.
3-Everyday make your child give water to Tulsiji plant.
4-Everyday give food and water to animals.
5- Make your child wear Silver chain, and Kada in right hand. 6-Give your child Tulsiji charnaamrit everyday.
7-Walking on a single line.
8-Take your child to Temple of Shivji,,, offer panchaamrit.
9-Introduce each and everything,, we use in our daily life,,, clothes +foods+furniture+cosmatics etc
10- Always ask in simple language,, one,, two three words sentence with pauses.
And lastly –
According to my personal experience – Autistic kids are born with a different condition ” A different Brain set” u can not change it, the only thing you can do is, understand your child and start working on him”

Just like Maa NavDurga, A special mother have 9 faces-

1-A Teacher -if no school is giving admission to your child, no one cares, but only a mother, I created a school for my son
2-A Chef-if children is not eating food,, no one cares,,, only a mother can make varieties of food
3-A Nurse- if your child get emotional or physical hurt,,, no one cares,,,, only a mother can take care of her child 24 hours
4-A Housekeeper -if your child messing the house,,, no one cares,,, only a mother will clean it without any anger
5-A Coach-If your child wants to play games and don’t know How to play,,,, no one cares,, only a mother can be the coach of every game
6-A Best Friend -if your child don’t have any friends,, no one cares,,, only a mother can be a only and best friend
7-A Protector -if anyone say wrong about your child,, no one cares,,, only a mother can be a protector
8-An Organizer-if your child have problems in dealing with things,, no one cares,,, only a mother can arrange anything for her children
9-A Future Planner-if anyone says,, your children cant have any future,, he cant do anything,,,,, no one cares,, only a mother can plan and work for her children’s future.

Written By: Shweta Deora, A trainer for parents with autistic kids, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Feature Photo: Shweta Deora with her son Nripendra.

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Comments (2)

  • Yamini goenka Reply

    Being a therapist myself, I agree, what a mother can do, NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN DO FOR YOUR CHILD.
    A therapist who says can’t give anything to do at home, ONLY HAS COMMERCIAL ANGLE in his/her mind.

    April 22, 2022 at 11:55 pm
  • S Varadarajan Reply

    Very inspiring. Appreciate the determination and your never-give-up attitude. This has only made to achieve and bring your son with so many developments.

    All the very best to him for many more achievements.

    May 2, 2022 at 5:48 am

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