Bringing Transformation in the lives of Adolescents with Disabilities, through e-learning platform…

Bringing Transformation in the lives of Adolescents with Disabilities, through e-learning platform…

This is a new initiative by two young special mothers, Pratima Bhinge and Jyotsna Kumar, who could have a different vision and transformed lives of many adolescents with disabilities, by creating a e-learning space, in last two years. Let’s read their story…

“Our Organization started from Pune as a small WhatsApp support group for parents of young adults  with disabilities of 15 years plus. The initiative had started on 9 December 2019 with an aim to cater the needs of adolescents with disabilities from all categories, ranging from autism to CP, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, learning difficulties and more.

Discussions begun amongst parents of young adults(15+) , who shared their concerns, that varied from individual to individuals, as the condition , needs of persons with disabilities are diverse, and that of each individual is unique. Parents were much concerned about, what world happen to the future of their children in terms of job, livelihood and independent living. We thought of , how we could make the  parents to feel more supported through resource sharing?

Then, we started to meeting offline and had workshops until the COVId-19 pandemic began in March 2020. During lock down it was difficult to have offline physical meetings, so we soon moved into an online space by launching Club Youngistan in July 2020. The objective was to bring the  young adults together in a space that was theirs – safe non judgmental, interactive and across all disabilities. And that’s just what we did. Gradually more ideas came up and we incorporated those ideas into our initiative and It has now become a space for learning through exciting online workshop’s, some  facilitated by our very own young champs!  And the online medium meant all distance barriers were crossed.  We have yoga djembe art and craft , story and book reading , DMT , gyan katta and vocational workshops on life skills and exploring brain gym, Bollywood and theatre drama now in 2022.

Champs Adda a hangout space for our champs meets every Sunday to just hangout and chill- no parents allowed. Many of our young champs are creating amazing products from soaps to art and Youngistan Galleria was created as a virtual shopping platform to allow all to access and shop for the same . Artistic Youngistan has been created for young adults with disabilities to be able to showcase their talents online on Fb live with Club Youngistan

Our vision is to allow our young adults with special needs to become self reliant and be equipped in whatever way they can and explore assisted living and vocational activities under one roof. Our parents need support too.. we have a space for moms called moms collective and we have  arranged workshops that look at financial planning, creation of trusts and making of wills to make it smoother for our children.

The motto of Youngistan is Dream Believe Achieve and that’s what we do every day .

We are now more than a WhatsApp group. We have a website and our e-learning platform recently launched to allow for easier access. We have a long way to go and wish to create more awareness about Youngistan and where it’s headed.

Holding onto our dreams and vision always …”

By; Jyotsna Kumar and Pratima Bhinge, Co-Founders, Club-Youngistan, Pune

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  • Shubhada Dhalewadikar Reply

    As a mother I have been on board with club yougistan from the start. It has been blessing during lockdown period. My daughter has benefited immensely and made few new friends. Online learning appealed to me, because I am not worried about commuting and she can learn in her comfort zone. So big thank you to club yougistan.

    April 25, 2022 at 4:11 pm
    • Jyotsna Reply

      Thankyou Shubhada and Saee 🌸

      April 28, 2022 at 2:12 am
  • S Varadarajan Reply

    Really appreciate the initiative and efforts.
    Kindly include my name in your WhatsApp group.
    My daughter – V Divya – is 19 years , CP. She completed 10th std in state board with scribe support and now pursuing senior secondary through NIOS online classes.
    We are from Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu

    April 26, 2022 at 3:38 am

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