Autism Boy Ansh Creates His Dream World through Paint & Brush

Autism Boy Ansh Creates His Dream World through Paint & Brush

Ansh batra is an energetic teenager who was diagnosed with Autism spectrum, at the age of 3.5 years has now made his reach to the whole world through his creativity. A decade ago no one could think he would do anything in his life. But this talented autism guy started surprising everyone with his extraordinary play on canvas. During childhood he was full of energy and always kept everyone on their toes. His parents, especially his mother Anshul Batra, took best efforts to channelize his energies though different therapies and physical activities. When they started to put Ansh into learning paintings, he took great interest and soon took this as a way of connect to the world. He made friendship with colours, brush & canvas.

“Art can permeate he very deepest part of us, where no world exist,” Ansh found his inner voice in strokes of brush. Playing with paints, brushes and canvas, Ansh keep on building a world that is undeniably unique and different from the world we live in. Though he can not speak, his works hold blissful conversations on his behalf.

Ansh has created a dent in professional world. He has done 50 exhibition as of now and has sold more then 450 paintings all over the World, including USA, Germany, Singapore, Canada, London , Dubai etc.

Ansh can be reached though his dream world on fb: Anshs dream world, Instagram & Twitter: anshdreamworld

His mother Anshul Batra works as a Programme Consultant at ALAP, in Gurgaon, Haryana. Ansh’s father Mr. Jayant Batra works as Technical Project Manager, at Nokia, Gurgaon.

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