Role of Behavioral Medicine in Universal Health Care and Peace

Role of Behavioral Medicine in Universal Health Care and Peace

Some lessons are not taught to us in school, college and university. We come to know them only through our own practical life experiences, other people life experiences, case studies, research etc.But sometimes we feel some kind of lacuna in this least known aspect of life i.e how to deal with different types of people with different mindsets that we come through both in personal and professional aspects of life.

There are a few scientifically proven conventions to maintain etiquette to protect ourselves from negativity, no matter what the behaviour and attitudes other people may be exhibiting at the moment, inculcate the following qualities within you…➡️Kindness / friendliness to those who are already happy ➡️Compassion for those who are less fortunate ➡️Honor for those who embody Noble qualities ➡️Equanimity for those whose actions oppose your values. No matter what, be strong and believe in yourself. Whether one accepts it or not. Life is not equal and fair to all.

For example, some patients ask that, in spite of all the good habits, few suffer from cancer but people who smoke are quite well. And the FAQ is why me. Some answer it as destiny. Some say it as probability. Some say it is a luck factor. Some say it is genetics. Some who believe in reincarnation say it is past life karma. Some say it is an astrology influence. Some say it is just a coincidence. Whatever may be the cause..we cannot have command of everything that happens to us,as it is based on many relative factors .

Just focus on things you have command of in your reach. Like you can still choose the way you react or respond. Create a social supportive group with people who are in the exact situation of yours,because ultra independence is definitely a post-traumatic response and it is an unhealthy practice. So, in this case,supportive groups like NIMHANS will help 080-461110007 .Create a healthy and happy environment for yourself with a proper lifestyle. Eat healthily.Make a routine to spend some time in sunlight .Try to increase your SQ spiritual quotient, like chanting the name of god, meditation, collective prayer..etc.Be proactive and never ever allow the negativity of others to harm you. Just cry out,laugh out,at the end of the day be strong,motivate yourself .Just act on your goals ,at your own pace.Take time. Come out refreshed, rejuvenated, recharged and strong. Never allow others to compare or yourself don’t compare .Everything is not a cake walkto everyone.Surely life is not equal and fair to all.What one can do is just accept the fact and act towards your life goals and you yourself stand up for your own life. Each person’s life and journey is unique.

Dr. V Harshani

I generally observe that some people feel great about not seeking help. It’s the wrong concept. Seeking help and support is surely a healthy practice. We are human beings. Too much independence and too much co-dependency is generally not a healthy habit.

Interdependence at individual level with in the family and interdependence at global level between the countries with the pure mind and behavior , like not intending harm to fellow creatures, will surely lead to universal health and peace.

Dr V Harshani. General practitioner with special interest in : Child psychiatry, Rehabitilation, Child and adolescent psychology, Dermatology, Neuro psychiatry, Neurology, Cardiology ,General medicine, Wellness, Child developmental psychology , Nutrition, Care and therapy. Andhra-Pradesh.

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