5 Principles to ward-off energy suckers. Dr. L. Govinda Rao

5 Principles to ward-off energy suckers. Dr. L. Govinda Rao

In my work life, most of the initiatives have as usual encountered criticism. Some are helping improve the implementation and some are only to create a dampening environment. I have learnt from the positive inputs and improved my knowledge. In case of pessimistic observations, I have learnt the art of putting these into dustbin. If I do not do so, I will be allowing these people to suck the energy. They are called energy suckers.

Similarly in the performance reviews also the deliberations have both positive and negative effect on the participants. Negative effect is usually caused by the intervention of energy suckers, who always look for an opportunity how to play down the other person and hinder the progress. Toxic people are not only systematically draining out out energies, they have a direct effect on our success and happiness. We are always surrounded by few of such people. We need to prepare ourselves to sense such interventions and prepare ourselves to deal with confidently. Our focus need to be laid on the objectives and every discussion has to be based on data and facts. I may call it metrics driven performance review.

In the process of managing, five principles are very essential to succeed. These five principles are in short S.P.A.C.E. ‘S’ stands for significance of the issue and the discussion and how much it is relevant and will add value. ‘P’ reminds us that people matter. We have to create positive attitude in the people and make them to enjoy the autonomy. ‘A’ stands for accountability of what we do. ‘C’ stands for creativity. Encouraging creativity will always be an advantage in terms of simplifying the process to reduce the time and increase the output with quality. ‘E’ stands for Equity. Sharing of outcome has to be based on the principle of Equity. By adopting the S.P.A.C.E. principles, we can ward off negativity and energy suckers, while we march ahead in our goals.

About the Auther:

Dr. L. Govinda Rao, An XLRI alumnus, Ph.D and Study Fellowship in UK in development management, with 40 years of experience in development and corporate sectors involving Delivery of services, Development of Models, Processes, Standards, Projects, Human Resources & Institutions, Discovery of issues, concerns, needs, solutions including innovative and new initiatives, Documentation and Dissemination. In development sector, created value in the areas of human resources development, institution building, capacity development, process standardization, research, model development, documentation and dissemination of knowledge at National & International level in the field of education, healthcare, inclusion and empowerment of the disadvantaged. In Corporate Sector, contributed effectively in human resource management, organizational capability enhancement,process development, quality assurance, business development, corporate affairs management in banking, mining and power infrastructure sectors. I believe strongly in promotion of learning organizations. At NIMH: Built capacities at grass root level through which identified and provided services on CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) mode to more than 200,000 persons with disabilities in 64 districts covering 7 States in India. Pioneered the quality certification in National Institute an ISO certified organization and introduced ICT in disability area for the first time. In Byrraju Foundation, formed 180 Disabled Persons’ Organizations (Self-help groups) to be in inclusive and enabling community covering 200 villages in A.P., & identified 15000 persons with disabilities who were provided rehabilitation services. Developed software for assessment of the disabled for access, rehabilitation and empowerment – SADAREM for Govt of AP. Estd NIEPMD. Contributed effectively in drafting legislation for the rights of the persons with disabilities being a member of the high power committee constituted by Government of India in compliance with UNCRPD.

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