Rehabilitation Set-up in Jharsuguda

Rehabilitation Set-up in Jharsuguda

Any person may suffer from painful arthritic condition, brain or spinal injury, at any part of his / her life, which may lead to disability & dysfunction of transient or permanent in nature. Most of the instances a person suffering from such an acute disabling condition is succumbed to frustration or miserable condition after listening “Nothing can be done anymore” from Medical  & Surgical Specialists. Unfortunately the number of such conditions is very high in our country because of lack of awareness towards Physical & Medical Rehabilitation and also due to lack of good institutions providing such services.

Although medical Science has improved significantly in the recent past, with advancement of life saving technologies, but there has not been much awareness on the need of rehabilitation which is the science of teaching and training a person to fight  back and  return to the  mainstream of the society overcoming the difficulties and problems incurred due to a disease or disabling condition.

While physical rehabilitation refers to treatment of patients with muscle and joint injuries, pain syndromes, non-healing wounds, and other disabling conditions, medical rehabilitation refers to treatment of patients with an amputation , spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, ortho & neuro surgery and other debilitating injuries by an interdisciplinary team of physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapists, nurses, psychologists, and social workers, who work closely with patient to regain his/her physical and functional capabilities and independence.

As an initiative of Ability India, a physical and medical rehabilitation centre has been started in the industrial city of Jharsuguda in 2020 in the name Ability Rehab Care. This includes providing treatment in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. Ability Rehab Care facilitates treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum ability, mobility and function in a circumstance where the same has been threatened by aging, injury, disease or environment factors. A team approach to chronic conditions is emphasized to coordinate care of clients. Besides centre based services, Ability India is striving to make the services reach to the unreached through community based rehabilitation, develop human resources, promote and develop appropriate assistive technology at affordable cost, partnership building, knowledge management and research.

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