Free Education Initiative for Children

Free Education Initiative for Children

Due to COVID-19 pandemic schools are closed and the education of children has been affected badly. Children from well-to-do families are able to afford for online tutorials facilities through mobile, tabs and other electronic gadgets. But think of poor village children, who are far away rom reach of internet and smartphones. Even they are not able to go to tuition centres because of their inability to pay the monthly fees. Ability India found such a group of 15 children in village Girasinga of Boudh district, who were from schedule caste, schedule tribe and poor families from classes ranging from one to eight. Their education was hampered / discontinued as their family were not able to pay monthly fees to a tuition teacher. With our small resource, we arranged regular tuition for these 15 children and set-up a cottage for smooth going of this activity. A good teacher was identified from the community and engaged. Now the children are very happy to attend their class. Besides their regular curriculum, the children are also engaged in art & craft activities, communication skill development training and other vocational activities. We are very happy to see the smiles in the face of our children.

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