World Physiotherapy Day, 8th September 2020

World Physiotherapy Day, 8th September 2020

In 1996, World Physiotherapy (the operating name of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy [WCPT]) established World PT Day. The main objective of this day is to acknowledge the work that physiotherapists do for public and patients. Through the day, World Physiotherapy aim to support and encourage their members to promote and advance the profession. The theme for this year’s campaign is the role of physiotherapy in rehabilitation and COVID-19.

For individuals with pain, the COVID-19 pandemic has significant potential to worsen pain and disability. Many pain management services including physiotherapy sessions have either been cancelled or suspended. Overall, these last few months have represented a major challenge for physiotherapists to deliver care in an effective and safe manner for patients. Telehealth (or telerehabilitation) has been the most widely talked about solution to ensure people get the care they need.

To distribute new research relating to pain and COVID-19 to healthcare professionals, the European Pain Federation has created a COVID-19 Task Force. This also includes commentaries on the most important published papers relating to the role of physiotherapy in pain management during COVID-19. It will be continually updated as new evidence emerges.

Physiotherapists interested in upskilling in contemporary pain assessment and treatment can complete the European Pain Federation Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy (EDPP). The EDPP is open to all qualified physiotherapusts who see and treat people with pain. This includes physiotherapists qualified to work in a hospital setting, assisting patients with rehabilitation following illness.

Physiotherapists interested in learning more about pain education are also invited to sign up for the first Virtual Pain Education Summit presented by the European Pain Federation, taking place on 6-8th November 2020. There will be 40 hours of teaching across 3 days including a specific physiotherapy track where you will get the opportunity to hear from world-leading physiotherapy clinicians and researchers speak about the most important topics in physiotherapy and pain for these times.

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