Webinar on Social Story: by Ms. Heather Hall, Nurturers

Webinar on Social Story: by Ms. Heather Hall, Nurturers

Nurtures Noida is organizing a webinar on Social Story, which will be helpful for children know what to expect in different social situations, set children up for success by pre-teaching communication skills, reduce childrens fear and anxiety with new situations.

Nurturers is passionately committed towards ensuring that children with special needs not only survive, but thrive. Nurture dreams of a world which is inclusive and humane to every child. Nurturers aims to act as a mentor and a constant companion to children by imbibing in them necessary skills to cope with adversity in a healthy manner. It firmly believe that correct nurturing can play a very important role in moulding a child’s future when nature has sculpted them uniquely.

Link here to register for free: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfr-61EehWK543fYHmxc-F_OYIjbXeGZ8AJhfja-TC8j6y5Jg/viewform

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