Web Education on Deafblindness: by Sense International

Web Education on Deafblindness: by Sense International

Sense International (Sense India) a pioneer organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and empowerment of deafblind popultion in India. Sense India has designed a course on deafblindness for different stakeholders like rehabilitation professionals, parents/caregivers and other professionals working in the field of disabilities; to enhance their knowledge on deafblindness. This course is being provided in an web based mode including course materials, coordination of internship, practicals, online tutoring, examination and certification. register:http://apps.triz.co.in/senseintindia/applyonline.php #WebEducation #Deafblindness #OnlineCourse #DeafblindnessCourse #WebEducationOnline #RehabilitationCouncilofIndia #DeafblindProfessionals #SpecialEducators #SenseIndia

Sense International can be reached at:

Sense International India, 2nd Floor, Administrative Block,
Andhajan Mandal Campus, Opp. IIM Vastrapur,
Ahmedabad- 380015.

Phone :+91-79-2630 1282 , E-mail : info@senseintindia.org

Link for registration: http://apps.triz.co.in/senseintindia/applyonline.php


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