Symposium: Moving Forward To Inclusive Education (Post-Covid19 Strategies) 28-30 July 2020

Symposium: Moving Forward To Inclusive Education (Post-Covid19 Strategies) 28-30 July 2020

School of Education, Sharda University and National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Visual Empowerment (NIEPVD), in collaboration with Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) jointly organizing Symposium on the subject ” Moving Forward to Inclusive Education (Post Covid 19 Strategies)”.

The proposed Symposium is an excellent development opportunity for all involved in the Education and support of students with disabilities, and this brings these groups together to learn, collaborate, and focus on strategies that work. This Symposium will develop an insight how future systems will be inclusive and be cognizant of different education provision mechanisms. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 defines inclusive education as a “system of education wherein students with and without disability learn together and the system of teaching and learning is suitably adapted to meet the learning needs of different types of students with disabilities”. Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students learn and participate together. It means that all students attend and are welcomed by their neighbourhood schools in age- appropriate, regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of the life of the school. Inclusive education is about ensuring access to quality education for all students by effectively meeting their diverse needs in a way that is responsive, accepting, respectful and supportive. This Symposium will help us to visualise and create strategies for inclusive education by facilitating learning across diverse geographies in India. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity for educators to come up with customized learning solutions for every student. Inclusive learning solutions, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized, need to be developed. Many inspirational strategies are needed to be initiated for innovative, models for effective delivery of Inclusive education to an even broader understanding of inclusiveness within classrooms and thereafter. It also calls for us to re-imagine the education systems of the future and to consider how these systems can promote inclusiveness and the formation of a broad set of knowledge and skills by dealing with the complex socio-political and economic contexts in which education systems operate.


  • To make the teachers and teacher educators aware about their changing role, as a contributing members of society for the promotion of Inclusive Education.
  • To enable remote learning, by providing the knowledge through the mechanism of remote instructions.
  • To impart the knowledge about the fundamentals of creating and maintaining truly inclusive classrooms keeping in mind the future perspectives.
  • To explore useful educational resources for the support of inclusive Education.
  • To motivate the faculty to support diverse learners through universal design for learning, social and emotional supports.
  • To prepare a draft module on strategies and techniques for inclusive classroom.


  • Emerged challenges of inclusive education in context to present COVID-19 scenario
  • Preparation for inclusion of children with disabilities in Education
  • Inclusive Education : Lessons from Innovative Practices
  • Inclusion In School : How to overcome challenges
  • Concept of Children with special wads
  • Inclusive Education: A sense of belonging and acceptance of differences
  • Recent approaches for promoting quality in Inclusive Education
  • Implementing Inclusive Education In the era of pandemic
  • Summarising and recommendations on inclusive education


Faculty/Students/Research Scholars/Non Teaching staff

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