“Promoting Occupational Therapy At Home by Parents” World OT Day – 27 October…

“Promoting Occupational Therapy At Home by Parents” World OT Day – 27 October…

This is Shweta Deora from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I am a Founder and Director of, “Strive Learning Center “(A training center for parents of special need kids).
I am also a mother of 12years old nonverbal boy having Autism. When my son was 4 years old then he was diagnosed with autism. That time Autism was a new word and i was told that the therapy was only treatment. That time i just its a temporary problem and after therapy my son become normal. But it was biggest misunderstanding of mine. A child is born with autism have this condition life long.I spent many years in visiting therapy center,, but no results. I always ask them to guide me something that i can do at home but no one guide me. Whenever i ask,, they told me to make him catch the boll at home,, do this activity,,,, but this simple thing my son can’t able to do,,,, then i started study on this field… Then i got to know that the speed of ball is very fast and my son can’t understand it,,, so instead of ball i use ballon play,,, because the speed of balloon is slow,, and my son understand the slow one.
Then i thought there is no place where parents got the right guidance. Then i decided ti start a parent training center where they came with their child and able to know what actually the problem is,, and exactly to do.
Today is a world occupational therapy day. I want parents to understand the occupational therapy in simple terms.
Occupation-It means everything or everyday activities that includes daily house works,, self care,, social interaction etc.
Therapy -An assistance given by health care professionals.
In other words whatever commands given to do an activity by a professional called therapy.
Previously our elders do all these things with a small kids in very genral way in joint family. That is why in joint family kids learn many things very quickly.
But now a days the nuclear family system is there,, all the responsibility is of mother .
And if the child is special,, then her all the time spent in house works and visiting the therapies center.
The occupational therapy can be given at home by any family members. Only thing is know what actually the needs. For example if the child can’t eat by self,, then first teach them selfeating,,, for this firat step is to pick a bite or to hold a spoon.
There are following some examples of occupational therapy at home we can do as a game—
1-If the child can’t eat self then bring a teddy or doll and make him to give food to that teddy or doll
2-Give a small towel for dusting,,, tell him to do dusting or through it on another side and tell him to bring it.
3-Whenever we go any place tell the child to swtichoff the light and fans.
4-If you are thirsty then tell your child to bring a glass of water,, or give him empty bottle and ask him to fill it.
5-To make a child to put on self clothes,, bring some cloths for teddy or doll, and ask him to put the T-shirt oor pant on doll.
6-Ask the child to bring the dry cloths from terrace or balcony.
7-Ask the child to walk with his siblings or friends with tie hands.
8-Ask the child to clean mess with jaru and put the mess into the dustbin.
9-When ever you go outside ask the child to bring a carry bag,, and make him hold the heavy things,, till he come to home.
10-Everyday tell the child to bring the vegetables from fridge and wash it.
These are some examples of occupational therapy at home. I hope it can help.

By: Shweta Deora, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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