Abhisar Foundation, Pune, Celebrates, Autism Awareness Day…2nd April 2022

Abhisar Foundation, Pune, Celebrates, Autism Awareness Day…2nd April 2022

Autism Awareness Day celebration at Abhisar foundation, Pune 2nd April, Autism Awareness Day, celebration of the ability, not DIS-ability. Abhisar Foundation had planned a Fun-packed day for these special stars. When the children arrived, they were given T-shirts for the Sports Activities. There were different types of fun and physical activities identified according to the age. The small children were given more fun and easy activities whereas older children more than 18 were given tougher physical task to do. All the Children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. Now was the time for dance. Most of the kids danced on popular numbers like zingaat, hukka bar..Rohit Sawant who was dancing with the kids is a child with mental retardation , yet he is an International Zumba trainer. Kids just loved it. The Chief guest for the event acknowledged the belief in ability or strength based approach and appreciated the efforts by parents and the school committee in organising this event. The chief guests gave trophies and prizes to the winners of the competitions, followed by giving two special awards for specially abled individuals who have crossed all barriers and secured jobs at various organisations to lead a life of respect and dignity. The program concluded with the chief guests giving Certificates , Gifts and food packets to all the kids. It was a fantastic event, well organised and the center of all this were the kids. They really had a great fun time together. The parents community who organised all this endorced that if we work together, we can move mountains.. Together we rise!!!. I would like to express sincere thanks and gratitude towards the founder of Abhisar Foundation who have built a one place for all the therapies, sports, vocational and advocacy. They given this platform for kids to make their mark, everyone is a winner!!

Report by: Prachi Puranik, Abhisar Foundation, Pune

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