About Us

Who We Are?

Ability India is a cross-disability organization, which aims at creating an empowered community, through comprehensive healthcare, wellness, education, livelihood, and inclusive development programs. Ability India’s “Ability Rehab Care”, at Jharsuguda, Odisha, is a center for service delivery and research. The center facilitates treatment to individuals to develop, maintain, and restore maximum ability, mobility, and function in a circumstance where the same has been threatened by aging, injury, disease, or environmental factors. A team approach to chronic conditions is emphasized to coordinate the care of clients. Besides center-based services, Ability India is striving to make the services reach the unreached through community-based rehabilitation, develop human resources, promote and develop appropriate assistive technology at affordable cost, partnership building, Community empowerment, knowledge management, and research.


A world-class platform for creating an empowered and enabled society.


To create sustainable solutions for the people affected by disability or dysfunction and enhance their abilities through persistent professional endeavor and adoption of technology.

Partner With Us

Ability India believes in growing through partnership. It strives to build a network with Governments, NGOs, Corporate houses, and other organizations to broaden the scope of its activities, add value to existing programs in terms of resources, time, and delivery of quality services to our beneficiaries-synergizing efforts to the maximum extent. Ability India believes that the convergent approach of the state, the civil society, individuals and corporates can bring some tangible changes in the life of people with disabilities. We are looking for collaborations and partners to scale up our innovations and initiatives and always committed to satisfying a mutual relationships with all our stakeholders. We learn and share our experiences with our collaborators. If you are equally concerned to bring change in the lives of the people with disabilities please do communicate to us.


We usually need volunteers who are willing to help us in our project work, organize events, and help us in raising funds, support in campaigns, etc. If you are interested to volunteer with Ability India, write to us at info@abilityindia.org your CV with a letter highlighting your area of interest. We will get back to you.

Outreach Program

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) is, now, considered as a viable and sustainable new entry point aiming at the improvement of the quality life of the disabled persons. The CBR program of Ability India aims at community services with linkages after identifying the community needs. This will bottom-up approach with persons with disabilities, family, and community as the center. The children with mild and moderate categories of disability can be admitted in the regular classes with the teacher as a resource with adequate orientation. Other options are engaging itinerant teachers, creating resource rooms in regular classes, and arranging special classes in regular schools for children with intellectual disabilities. It may be observed from the model above those more children with intellectual disabilities will benefit from the least restricted learning environment which is directly proportionate to the less severity of the disability. The mission is to render rehabilitation services to all disabilities and all ages, with principles of gender just, informed client, socio-medical model inclusion and convergence, and not transaction by the transformation. The mission further envisages public private partnership, self – help groups, use of technology, knowledge sharing, and capacity building in the community.

Developing Resources & Capacity Building

Ability India believes that quality improvement is a continuous process. Building capacities and developing resources or up-gradation of knowledge & skills are the hallmarks of a standard organization. In order to scale up the processes of service delivery Ability, India always strives to adopt all methods and strategies to build capacity of the professionals and identified leaders in the community. Another strategy is to leverage the technology to its advantage in which Ability India tries to use connect to apex organizations through virtual platforms to keep updated with the best practices and technological advancements. Some of the important programs to build capacities are as under:

  • Prevention and identification
  • Training the Anganwadi workers, health workers i.e. grass rootworkers
  • Training the Disabled People’s Organization.
  • Early Intervention & Early childhood special education
  • Training of Medical Officers.
  • Training the Disabled People’s Organization.
  • Training of teachers including community teachers
  • Equipping the schools for inclusive setup
  • Linkage with the special schools where necessary.
  • Linkage local art, crafts & existing livelihood programs for an inclusive model.
  • Preparing the Disabled People’s Organization as Village Level Productive Enterprise (VLPEs)
  • Guidance on therapeutic and rehabilitation services
  • Training the PWDs to work as CBR workers on a self-employment basis.
  • Design & fabrication of low-cost assistive devices.
  • Developing alliances with local engineering colleges for low-cost devices within the ecosystem.

Individual & Parent Counseling and Guidance:

  • Social Integration
  • Virtual training of the stakeholders in the villages
  • The orientation of High school and college students.
  • Advocacy
  • Training of the community leaders.


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